The Representation Of Black Women Essay

1146 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Though women are universally exploited by the media, North American advertisements depict women differently based on race. Women of colour are more sexualized in the society based on their bodies; they have historically been stereotyped as having bigger butts, hips, breast, and lips. They are often captured in graphic positions such as with their legs open, posing on all fours or in an aggressive manner that conversely extends a deviant solicitation of their body, and, therefore, are hypersexualized in various lewd manners. Black women are often depicted by the media in imagery that alludes to an animalistic nature; such representations serve to dehumanize them, which in turn, reduces their worth and normalizes society 's objectification of black women.
The research conducted will be an in-depth study that will identify how the representations of black women in North American media perpetuate the stereotypes of black Jezebel, dehumanizing them because of the animalistic positioning, as well as causing psychological effects. First, the group will discuss how the media uses the vilifying stereotype of the Black Jezebel in movies and TV shows, where they are seen as evil, aggressive, and lustful, which results in disempowerment. We will also analyze evidence of animalistic imagery that encourages the degradation of black women. The artist Jean Goude is known for capturing black women in abnormal positions, illuminating the concept of jungle fever and openly discusses his…

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