The Report Of The Michigan State Commission Of Inquiry Into Wages And The Conditions Of Labor For Women

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Upon further examination of section III of the Report of the Michigan State Commission of Inquiry into Wages and the Conditions of Labor for Women and Advisability of Establishing a minimum wage 1915, I was able to come up with some pretty solid conclusions about nature of the report itself as well as the lives of working class women 1915. Big changes were happening in 1915, WWI sent many of the working men into war so it was it now up to women to do the jobs men left behind as well as their own duties. With so many women apart of the work force thing such as wage and benefits had to be changed in order to adjust the different economy. From information derived from the 1915 Michigan State Commission of Inquiry I was able to conclude that the report itself did not reveal any major biases, the advantages and disadvantages of using the report to look into the lives of working class women, and lastly I was able to get a better idea of what life was like for the average working class woman.

While for this particular assignment I looked more for the historical aspects of the report, it is really an economical report and getting the right information to accurately report something as complex as the economy is extremely tedious and difficult to do correctly. Economic reports often contain a number of biases simply because the research was not spread wide enough for there to be any variety in the data. This report however seem to do a good job of making sure there was variety, it…

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