The Renaissance : The Cultural Rebirth Of Modern Thinking Essay

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The Renaissance was the cultural rebirth of modern thinking, beginning in the 14th century but had most of its effect in the 16th century. There were many people who had a large effect during the high renaissance. Many people believe the renaissance and its people to be an amazing time in world history. However the renaissance was nothing amazing in the bigger picture. There are many aspects of the renaissance that could be addressed. This essay will discuss one of the main men in the renaissance history, Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci is most well known for his thoughts, science and his art. Such as his paintings of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Da Vinci was a talented man, but he does not deserve all the praise and amazement he has received. This essay will look at the work he did and explain how its not all as amazing as people seem to think it is.

Da Vinci did not have lot 's education during his life. This led people to find him even more amazing. Someone without a proper education was producing such beauty. He came up with ideas of a flying machine, and figured out how the body had a range of motion. He thought of things that others in his time were not thinking about. People were amazed at what he was thinking. Although these ideas were not completely Da Vincis. Greek and Roman philosophers and scientist had been having thoughts of the same type a thousand years ago. Da Vinci had simply found their work and followed it forward. A smart idea, although Da Vinci’s…

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