The Age Of Humanism Research Paper

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Name: Yash Pathak
Class: HUM 212 – W01
Professor Rolanne Henry
Date: December 30, 2016
The Age of Humanism Humanism is most often categorized as the philosophy and the classical civilization of the Western countries. The concept of the humanism initially began in Italy along with the renaissance and later it spread through the Europe in the 17th century. Humanism inspired the reestablishment of the ancient texts, poetry, history and the righteous beliefs. Many humanists like Raphael, Michelangelo, Nicholas Copernicus, Martin Luther and William Shakespeare heartily influenced the ability of human beings to determine the distortion and promote the scholarly environment in the Europe. Hence, the humanists such as Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci promoted the cultural, musical, art and science
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He was the German monk who gained the admiration of the Roman Catholic Church. The reason he became a monk because he was heavily influenced by St. Anne. Martin Luther had expertise in classical arts, music, history and specialized himself in grammar and languages. He was well known in renaissance time period as he changed the corrupt Catholic Church in the 1500s, due to which there was a reformation of the church. Therefore, there were many aftermath effects due to the reformation as it led to radical changes in ideas, deaths, change of the authorities, and this reformation turned out to be a revolution in the end. Hence, the reformation gave rise to the religions like Lutheranism in the Europe. Martin Luther had exceptional ideologies and his teaching system featured group discussions, where his apprentices were evaluated on basis of the standard and the depth of the logic in debate. He strongly believed in communion and consubstantiation, which included sharing of thoughts and food on a spiritual

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