The Renaissance Era Essay

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I partially agree with this statement. While the Renaissance Era was a reaction to the narrow and practical way of thinking that was common in the medieval period, it did not reject all aspects of the medieval era. Instead, it embraced and expanded the idea of religion, the relationship one had with their God, and admired pieces of literature from ancient eras. Humanism during the Renaissance worked on reviving cultural and classical literature with the goal of spreading humanities (grammar, poetry, history, and philosophy).
During this time, humanism and religion were actually pretty intertwined. Francesco Petrarcar (or Petrarch), coined the “father of humanism”, was an amazing poet and scholar who inspired many other humanists. He did this while staying a devout Christian. However, not every scholar during this time agreed or accepted works from the previous eras. In a passage from The First Modern Scholar and Man of Letters, he criticizes other scholars for rejecting ancient works of literature. He begins by belittling scholars in the new age “O inglorious age! That scorns antiquity, its mother, to whom it owes every noble art – that dares to declare itself not only equal but superior to the glorious past”. Petrarch goes on to explain that these “scholars” who reject ancient works are “the dregs of mankind” and that they are “plunged in darkness and delusion”(Petrarch p298). Why this may seem extreme, Petrarch’s anger does have some backing. Without accepting ancient…

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