The Renaissance And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Isaac Kim
Mr. Rosa
Junior Writing Project
2 January 2015
Many historical events have affected and influenced modern society. The Renaissance was a major event which occurred in mostly Europe and has inspired many other cultural movements around the world. The Renaissance started in 1350 in Italy. The rest of Europe became caught up in the Renaissance in 1450 and the Renaissance ended in 1620. The Renaissance was a significant era which viewed different themes such as music, literature, art, learning, religion, and more. The term “Renaissance” was coined by Italian intellectuals from the word rinascita which means rebirth or renaissance. The Renaissance impacted current society through its art, architecture, science and humanities.
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They were a banking family and merchants and were patrons for many artists. They mainly controlled the city of Florence. The Medici family produced several popes and even have family members mixed into royalty. The Medici family came into power during the early 13th century and ended when the last Medici heir died without a heir in 1737. The Medici family also sponsored many constructions of buildings which includes the Duomo which is the Florence Cathedral. They are the main reason why Florence was the center of arts and sponsored Michelangelo 's works of art. The Medici family was wealthy enough to financially support the Church and held a lot of political …show more content…
Although he was Catholic, he did not blindly follow the dogma of the Church and questioned the actions of the church. He wanted the Church to reform itself. He was called the Prince of Humanists. He stood between Catholic and Protestant movements and advocated religious tolerance. An important writer and playwright during the Renaissance was Shakespeare. He was considered to be a genius in his writings and his plays are still internationally famous. His most famous works are Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and the Merchant of Venice. He writes most of his plays in iambic pentameter and is called England’s national poet and the Bard of Avon. Not much is known about his private life, and people believe that his works were not by Shakespeare but by other renowned writers of his time period. The Renaissance is a major event which impacted many aspects of modern society.

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