The Renaissance Period: The Period In The Western World

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The Renaissance, the period in Europe roughly from 1350 to 1550, was a very interesting period in the Western world. It was a period in which the people living during this time knew that they were trying to reform western culture, hence why the period was named by the people of the time, which is very rare. The citizens of the Renaissance period were bringing back the various aspects of life that were lost in the eras before them. One of the fundamental objectives of this period was to throw away the Medieval period, and to bring back cultural elements of periods before Medieval times. Overall, we see that the Renaissance period is a period that experienced an instant explosion of culture; a culture filled with awe and wonder. As one observes …show more content…
One of the first people to use the term “Renaissance” was the Italian writer, painter, and architect Giorgio Vasari. After nearly a thousand years of medieval chaos, Vasari claimed that Italian artists and thinkers has restored the lost culture of art and philosophy that was the epicenter of the ancient world. In a sense, the pioneers of the Renaissance were experiencing a sense of nostalgia. They looked back at the past for the solution to their problems. They looked for sets of values that had once been the norm for civilizations; they were looking for the golden …show more content…
Vasari wrote on the lives of various Renaissance artists. In regards to the famous painter Donatello, he writes, “His works possessed so much grace and excellence and such a fine sense of design that they were considered to be more like the distinguished works of the ancient Greeks and Romans than those of any other artist who has ever existed, and he is therefore quite rightly recognized as the first artisan who properly used the device of scenes in bas-relief.” Through the writings of Vasari, we can see that the artists of the Renaissance truly desired to center their work around classical themes.
As we look at the major features of the Renaissance, it is also important to look at the intellectual basis for the Renaissance, which was known as humanism. The idea of humanism wasn’t new, but this was the first time so much emphasis was placed on it. This system of thought developed after the catastrophes because people began to question how a good God can allow evil. Because of this, people strived to find comfort and value in the world

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