The Removal Of Variation By Developing Standardized Operating Procedures

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Second, Standardizing is the removal of variation by developing standardized operating procedures. As a line attendant we could have a check list to make sure that the main points of our job are completed throughout the course of our shift. In the appendix, figure B is an example of a possible checklist. By having this it will help to enforce the roles of the line attendant and make sure certain tasks are become a “norm”. For example, line attendants are supposed to make sure the floors are swept around the assembly lines. This is so it creates less hazards of slipping or tripping. By having it on the checklist it will help to ensure every line attendant is cleaning the floors and creating less hazards. There are no real barriers with this implementation to, except that it can be costly if you print out these checklists everyday. Another example of a possible way of standardizing is by creating a team of assemblers for a particular line or job. For example, assembly line ten only runs mac blush. You would have one person specialized in loading the compacts, one specialized in feeding the blush, and so on. If you standardize the assembly and have a specialized team to assemble the efficiency will increase. You could separate the employees into teams and they can come in on specific days the line will be running. There are some barriers on why this would not be implemented at Estée Lauder. Reason one is that if someone is out for the day that can create an issue the assembly…

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