Essay on The Removal Of Colonel Reb As The Mascot

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XI. The Removal of Colonel Reb as the Mascot
The progression of the University’s image began in 1997 with the ban of the Confederate flag in the football stadium by, then Chancellor Robert Khayat. This was the result then Athletic Director, Pete Boone and student leaders who approved a resolution asking Ole Miss fans to stop waving Rebel flags at athletic events. In an interview Boone stated that the flag hurt recruitment (Cabell, 1997). "I mean, we 've got a great university here, a great academic program, and we 're being held back from a national perspective because of this Confederate flag,” said Boone (Cabell, 1997). Khayat agreed stating that every head coach prior to Boone reported that the Confederate flag was used against them in recruitment of African-American students (Wolken, 2014). The perception of the confederate flag stirred negative attention from the Meredith Crisis of 1962 (Carlton, 2013). “It was being used by our opponents—not only in athletics, but in general recruitment of students, as a negative to say that Ole Miss was still in the past,” stated Khayat. As a result of this, Khayat hired Burson-Marstellor, a national public relations firm, to conduct a thorough image review of the university symbols and customs. Khayat ultimately adopted a rule that no one could bring a pointed object in the stadium, and signs were limited to 10 inches by 14 inches, to adhere to first amendment regulations (Carlton, 2013).The New York Times visit to Oxford in lieu of…

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