The Removal Of Aboriginal Children From Their Families Essay

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Rabbit-Proof Fence presented a realistic representation of the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. This film displayed numerous factors that led to child removals including eugenics, paternalism, and Christianizing mission. Half-caste children like Molly, Gracie, and Daisy were relocated to the Moore River Settlement School which trained girls to be domestic workers or farm laborers and eventually these half-caste children were able to be assimilated into the white society. While the chief protector of Aboriginal Australians A.O. Neville believed that he was helping half-caste children by taking them out of their communities and placing them in settlement camps. The child removals had an adverse affect on both the indigenous people and their communities. The parents and children felt a great deal of loneliness from being taken away from each other. The child removals disrupted indigenous native language so as a result a lot of the cultural knowledge was lost. A.O. Neville practiced the idea of trying to improve the population by using selective breeding to achieve this goal. During the time period of 1931 white individuals believed they were genetically superior compared the Aboriginal Australians so they prevented those who were seen a genetically inferior from reproducing. To prove that whites were dominant, “Practitioners of this “science” told colonial audiences that Aboriginal skulls revealed deficiencies in the so-called moral an intellectual organs…

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