The Religious Teachings Of Sin Essay

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From when God first made Adam and Eve, sin has been an inevitable part of life, both seen in scared scripture and modern time. Throughout the bible, from Eve eating the forbidden apple to Zacchaeus the tax collector, sin is present in the bible and in each Gospel of the New Testament Jesus has been able to see past sin and forgive those who have sinned. Other religions such as Islam also touch on the subject of sinning, although Islam perceives sin and the path to forgiveness in a different way to Christianity. Sin is a main topic in both religious books, although the religious teachers taught about sin in a different way that led to different interpretation and shaped the representation of the religious beliefs. This is shown by the central tenets and components of sin in each text, how the religious teachers preached about sin and the differences in the way this was taught.
In Christianity, sin is seen as an act against yourself, others or your relationship with God. Although, if you do sin there is always a way to repent and seek forgiveness as in the Bible, Jesus had died for our sins and that God loved all of his children as said in the book of Romans 5:8 “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”. John Darby, a biblical commenter from the website Christ Notes also comments on the book of Romans and sin as he said that God and the Holy Ghost themselves have effect on people’s lives when sinning, although we have the…

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