The Religious Status Of A College Student Essay

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As a college student, one has the ability to make their own decisions and learn more about themselves. Growing up in a strict household, I was never able to question my religious status without being viewed negatively by my peers. Since my mother and father were both Christians, I was forced to follow the same path and live a predetermined lifestyle. Months later after becoming a college student at Winthrop University, I found myself questioning my self-worth since I was never actually given the opportunity to make my own decisions growing up. During the second semester of my college career, I decided to step outside of my religious comfort zone and explore other religions with the hopes of discovering my own religious beliefs.
During my project, I decided to attend Kahal Kadish Beth Elohim, a Judaism church in Charleston, South Carolina. Of all the churches in the state of South Carolina, the main reason I choose to attend this one was because it appeared to be very well-known and have many of the same religious beliefs I developed growing up. Thus, the main beliefs I had growing up were having faith and believing in a God. Austrian-British philosopher and professor from the University of Vienna, Karl Popper, discusses this concept in terms of the scientific world. He explained the importance of change in terms of the scientific world. He persuasively said, “Science is one of the very few human activities —perhaps the only one — in which errors are systematically…

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