The Religious Revolution Of Islam Essay

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In the year 610, the prophet, Muhammed, received a revelation from God. These revelations were written down in the Qur’an and soon became the religion of Islam. This religion had a great involvement of women. Islamic women held an extremely important role in Islamic society and its spread especially Muhammad’s wives and their roles shifted in Arab society due to newly found Qur’anic revelations causing their roles to become a fundamental one. During the creation of Islam, women played the most important roles and the religion would not be successful without their dedication and work. Muhammad’s first wife, Khadija, can be credited for the beginning the trend of Islam as she was the world’s first Muslim. The role of the first Muslim was extremely important as without the first believer there would be no faith or religion at all. Muhammad’s wife was the beginning of a religious revolution. Muhammad did not know himself to be a prophet of God before she accepted the Qur’anic revelations. This shows how dedicated Khadija was to Muhammad and shows what power she had through her belief. Khadija was known to be the “mother of believers” as she was able to fully embrace the idea of a sole God before anyone else. As the religion began to develop, Muhammad’s wives had unique access to him and were able to greatly influence the hadith, also known as the traditions of the Prophet. The hadith was the second most important text for guiding daily life. Because women had such a…

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