The Religious Practices Of Ancient Egypt Essay

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One thing that connects all of us humans in some way is religion. For some it’s a way of life for others it’s just a norm they follow. But we never ask ourselves how our religion got to be at the point where it is now. Roughly 3.8 billion people, over 50% of the world population believes in the Abrahamic idea of God. So how did we go from worshipping many gods thousands of years ago to just worshipping one all knowing God, and what kind of repercussions has that brought upon the world?
Before going into the rise of monotheism, it is important to understand polytheism. Not in the standard dictionary sense, but in the context of the time. Our meaning of religion today compared to the meaning of religion back then are two totally different things. This same conclusion was made when famed Egyptologist Jan Assmann while recalling writing a book about the religious practices of ancient Egypt,” … I consciously avoided using the term “religion” because I felt very strongly that there was a major difference between the term “religion” as it was understood in the Western tradition, with all of its biblical implications, and I was about to describe with regard to the ancient Egyptian world.” Because in ancient times the way the gods were worshiped was more in the style of a cult than how we think of a religion. So comparing monotheistic practices to polytheistic practices would distort the whole meaning of religion. For example in ancient Egypt many things the people ever did was…

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