The Religious Practice Of Baptism Essay

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Any and every religion has some sort of practice or tradition that they hold. Baptism to the Christian faith is a huge tradition that has been a part of the religious practice since it has begun in the first century. Baptism in many different cultures can mean different things, and people around the world interpret it in many different ways. For myself, studying this topic has overall helped me understand the importance and answered many of my questions about baptism. I am very grateful for picking a topic I did not have a full understanding for in the beginning, but by researching it I have gained a testimony of the importance of the practice of baptism. Not only through writing this paper have I learned the spiritual benefit, but I have learned the significance of the overall practice.

How Christians view the practice of Baptism
The definition of baptism, to a Christian, is to wash away your sins, and get a chance at new begging. “Baptism is participation in the new life in Christ, and more specifically participation in Christ’s death and resurrection; it is an occasion for conversion, cleansing, and forgiveness of sins; it is the gift of the Holy Spirit; it is incorporation into the body of Christ and a sign of God’s holy kingdom.” These are just some of the benefits Christians believe to come with the practice of baptism. The “new life in Christ” is referring to the, rebirth, the idea of changing your life and devoting it to Christ. This is a huge benefit to any son…

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