The Religious Leaders With The True Devotion Of The Poor Widow

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Jesus contrasts the phony goodness of the religious leaders with the true devotion of the poor widow. With this great story He gives three great principles about giving; First about God, second about the attendees and third, about the woman.
First, God is interested in our giving. God has given us so much in time and talents and money ergo he wants to see what we do with all that abundance. When our giving is done right, it is an act of worship. It shows the extent of our generosity and our selflessness. Similarly, God is more interested in our motives and attitudes then God is in the gift itself. He acknowledges what we are willing to give back to him. This is also about service not only for God, but for the community in which we move.
When it comes to the “rich”, religious people in attendance in this story, the law of our sowing and reaping is seen in our giving and in our failure to give. This is about power structures, people. It’s a class issue that resonates loudly in our current Western experience which I will touch on a bit later. We’re looking in our text primarily at giving money, but this text also has application to giving of our time and talents.
I believe God realizes we are all on a different trajectory. We all are at different places in our lives, therefore what we can give will vary from person to person, yet it is in the giving that is the key. The woman we hear mentioned in this text is never named. There are only two accounts of her actions…

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