The Religious Groups Of Mormons And Baptists Essay

1996 Words Nov 30th, 2016 8 Pages
Both the religious groups of Mormons and Baptists have significant impacts on our everyday life, having a big impact on religion in our society today. These are both two of the most prominent and well known religions in the world today. Having been a Baptist growing up, I do know much more on the religious ideals of this group more than most others we have encountered. I also was able to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah which is dominantly a Mormon city, and had the pleasure of touring the Church of Latter Day Saints Temple. Still not knowing a great deal about the Mormon beliefs, it was an incredible experience and allowed me to grasp a small amount of what the life of a Mormon is. As I no longer specifically tie myself to a religion, it is always an important experience for me to obtain more knowledge on what the diversity of religion brings forth. This method of visiting the websites allows me to gain valuable and brief information on each religion. After my initial look at the Baptist website, it appears to be a little disorganized and not appealing to the eyes. There is a lot of different information methods being thrown at you at the same time, it is difficult to focus your attention on something specific. There is a large disparity in color as it is white on the top which fades to a sky blue, but the fading seems to make you want to turn away. This isn’t a great marketing tactic right off the start for the Baptists, and won’t help in trying to intrigue new followers.…

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