The Religion Of Western Countries Essay

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Western countries have foregone the notion of ruling through religious ideals, meaning that they have become more secular and social. Religious ideals protect the rights of some, mostly straight men, and through the different interpretations of religious texts, people have created a justification for their actions. The rule of law, recently, has allowed the United States to decriminalize homosexuality, allowing people that have the preference of their own sex to marry and act as a straight couple would be able to. Whereas countries that have a traditional system, there is an interpretation that homosexuality is condemned by their god, meaning that homosexuality is a crime that is punishable not only by the gods, but also by the people who believe and follow such religious text. The punishments, in a traditional system, can range from a variety of physical punishments, but ultimately, a person can be executed for being a homosexual or engaging in homosexual acts. In countries that follow and use Shari’a law as their predominant criminal justice system, homosexuality is seen as a crime and the punishments for being homosexual can include decapitation and or death. There have been western countries that criminalized homosexuality and such actions led to punishments, including prison time or some sort of rehabilitation, but execution or decapitation is not the first method of punishment for being homosexual. In western countries there have been instances where people have taken…

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