The Religion Of The First Humans And Abraham Essay example

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The Religion of the First Humans and Abraham
Giving back to God a portion of what one owns is present very early in Genesis. Cain and Abel offerings (Gen 4:3-5) the fruit of the ground, and the firstlings of his flock, were given to God according to their work which was set by tradition, the eldest son followed his father’s footstep by cultivating the soil and the youngest will tend their livestock. God chooses one over the other marking the beginning of God showing favor to the weakest one, in this case the younger brother.
The HarperCollins Bible dictionary entry “sacrifice” states that Israelites understood that worship was more than the ritual alone, but also was necessary to obey God; this understanding shapes the relationship between God and God’s people, making offerings as a way to obey God and gain God’s favor.
The first act of Noah after the flood is to build an altar for a burnt offering (Gen. 8:20) as a thanksgiving for God’s favor and deliverance. This offering pleased God and cause for God to lift up the curse on the ground and promised to never again destroy the creation (Gen.8:21); Adam and Eve’s act of disobedience created separation and chaos and the act of worship of Noah restores it and give new beginnings.
This new beginning revised the order of creation where men are now given animal for consumption; and adds two new prohibitions, man shall not eat the blood of animals and also cannot shed blood of another human, reminding us the unique blessing of…

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