Essay on The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance

2610 Words Nov 11th, 2016 11 Pages
What is Islam? In today’s world a lot of people do not have an idea of what Islam is, the media often portrays it as a religion of violence and extremism and that is the idea that is placed in everyone’s heads. Islam is a religion based on monotheism, a belief that there is only one God, and was revealed to the Prophet Muhammadsaw through a revelation from God. The religion of peace and tolerance is widely regarded as a faith of oppression and radicalism and a lot of fear is associated with the followers of Islam. One of the widely discussed topics about Islam is that of the status of woman in communities in both the western and Muslim world and the issues they face. This essay will take a closer look at this topic and discuss the reasons woman are facing these issues and also inspect the role that sexism and racism play in the lives of Muslim woman. The world has a view that Muslim women face oppression from Muslim men and their communities and are forced to wear hijabs to cover themselves and limit their freedom to make their own decisions. The wearing of the hijab is a teaching of the Holy Quran, the holy scripture of Muslims, and thus is not forced on women but something they choose to follow as part of their faith, while some women choose not to wear it to express themselves. This essay will help get a better understanding of this topic by looking at essays and articles written by Muslim women who explain the difficulties they face in their own communities and raise…

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