The Religion Of Islam And Islam Essay

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Religion is one of the most integral parts of human culture and has played a significant role in the development of modern civilization. When it comes to human history, religion is comparatively new. Humans have been on Earth for over 200,000 years and the oldest religious traditions primarily Hinduism date back to 6,000 BC. For over 95% of human history, man has sustained their sense of spirituality without the concepts of religion. (“The Purpose of Religion”, 2016). There are many types of religion but the most practiced fall into the monotheistic and Abrahamic faiths. The Abrahamic religions are as followed; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Of the two, Christianity and Islam are the most practiced religions in the world.
Islam is the foundation behind Middle Eastern society and way of life. Its teaching, which derive from the Quran, are applied to all of Muslim culture and governments. Quran law is seen as absolute and any defiance can be faced with serious penalties. The problem with Islamic tradition, it that some of its laws has become outdated within our modern day millennia. Men and women are not seen as equals. Women are still forced into arranged marriages, do not have equal wages and are not allowed to walk in public without concealing their bodies. Because of Islamic law, these women live in constant state of oppression and their feminist ideologies are constantly undermined by the masculine/aggressive nature of the governments in which they live in. These…

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