The Relevance of Play Essay

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The importance of play

Young children’s play is directly or indirectly appointed to their experiments, activities, experiences and events. The essay illustrates the attitude of play in different perspectives and how they links to Te whariki. The comparison of Sri Lanka socio cultural perspective and one of New Zealand socio cultural perspective describes follows. In the summary, the learning outcome referring to examples will be talk about.

The definitions of play have stated many theorists. During the 20th century, children’s plays have been closely observed by theorists. Play defines as playing and growing are parallel roads to life. Playfulness describes the child’s creativity and action. Through play a child acquire self reliance
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They really need to experience those activities at school or in home by teaching, cooking or counselling as a doctor. Play has a strong physical measurement for young children. Whether they run, chase or roll. Playing like climbing frames or climbing equipments, play dough, ride on toys, socio dramatic play (home corner), playing with clay or water or sand and playing with carpentry direct children to improve physical movements. Getting exercise for fingers, improving fine motor skills, developing their muscles and hand-eye coordination are some of those. (Rogers, & Evans, 2008).

In early childhood centres children play with animals, water, and light. Generally when a child plays with natural resources they can have a sense of those objects. It gives child a better opportunity to grow up the physical and natural world. Furthermore, children start to play with their peers. They usually successful by the reason of they feel satisfied and proud. Play is not only chosen by children, but invented by them. They always create something new. Researchers identify children as inventors or experimenters.

Lev Vygotsky described that the play is the leading source towards the development. And he proposed that the learning leads the development. Vygotsky considered about social, historical, cultural and biological factors for development. He proposed the socio cultural model to explain the development

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