Essay on The Relationship With Informants And The Information

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Chapter 32 (Rabinow) discusses the relationships with informants and the information they present to the anthropologist, Rabinow in her field work in Morocco. Rabinow mentions that ben Mohammed was among one of the villagers that were not afraid of him and was his host. His friendship with ben Mohammed deepened, they talked about a lot of things but the most apparent topic was regarding their separate traditions. The author mentions that for ben Mohammed the fundamental principle of Islam is that all believers are equal before Allah. Ben Mohammed believes that a lot of people take a very narrow view as they believe that if they follow the basic requirements then they are Muslim. While, ben Mohammed disagrees, he believes that if equality among believers and submission to Allah is not in the heart and does not inform your action then nothing counts. Ben Mohammed wanted to follow the path of Sidi Lachcen. Rabinow mentions, that ben Mohammed would have a lot of difficultly in finding the work and life he wanted because Morocco’s future was not bright. Rabinow noticed that blacks in Morocco was negatively valued and viewed. White was associated with good while black was associated with evil. Malik seemed the most concerned about color distinctions and symbolism, he thought black was bad and the lighter one was the better they were. Additionally, culture is interpretation and culture is overdetermined as every cultural fact and be understood in many different ways by the…

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