The Relationship Of Mice And Men Essay

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Firstly, Steinbeck, through his repeated use of the image of the relationship of George and Lennie being a parental relationship shows the idea that you do not need to be related to someone to love them like family. George and Lennie are two migrant workers who are traveling through California to find work. Lennie is an extremely large man who likes to play with rabbits. On the way their, they stop at a pond for a drink of water. In the text, it states “Lennie, who had been watching, intimidated George” (2). Lennie is following George to find work. He was “watching” George, and George was being “intimidated” by Lennie. Lennie throughout the story is trying to be like George. He goes wherever George goes, and tries to act like George. Lennie thinks that if he pleases George, he will get to tend with the rabbits down the line. Lennie, throughout the story is always thinking about George, and if he is pleasing him. Lennie thinks that the only way that he can please George is if he acts like him. If he acts like George, he will please George. This in turn will allow him to mend the rabbits in the future. Lennie intimidates George because he sees George as the best example to get rabbits. Just as a child copies his parents to get the best example, Lennie copies George because he thinks that he is the best example. This also demonstrates that you do not need to be related to be loved like a family member. A child copies his parents because he sees them as the best role models,…

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