Relationship Between Brett And Daisy In The Great Gatsby

Both Brett and Daisy, despite their different personalities, find a relationship that provides them the love and romance they have been looking for, while also granting them full control over their man. Through their selfish motives, both women successfully take advantage of their lovers and manipulate them to the point of destruction. Brett’s shallow approach to relationships enables her to pursue her suitor Robert Cohn and seduce him. Immediately after they meet, Brett is attracted to Cohn, but also attracted to his vulnerability and desperation for love. She exhibits her shallow nature at the beginnings of their relationship when she admits to her friend Jake that she “likes to add [men] up” (Hemingway 30). Brett is attracted to Cohn, …show more content…
Each woman, due to their selfish motives, ends up rejecting true love for wealth and completely disregarding any emotional connection or romantic attraction they may have had to their man. Towards the end of their trip to Spain, Brett ignores the love she once had for Cohn and contributes to his humiliation as he tries to fight for her. Her husband Mike describes how as Cohn pleaded for Brett to love him, she reacted coldly, telling him not to be such a “ruddy ass.” Amidst Cohn’s struggle, Brett showed no emotion and no sign that they ever had any serious connection with one another. Hemingway proves that Brett only wanted Cohn for his sexual abilities and his romantic character. She manipulated him by leading him on throughout their relationship to benefit herself. Brett’s reaction towards Cohn’s desperation reveals how little she actually cared for him and her true motives behind their relationship. Similarly, as Gatsby pleads for Daisy’s love, she decides she loves both Tom and Gatsby at the same time. Nick narrates that Daisy was denying everything and defending both of her lovers. She, however, desperate for wealth, sacrifices her love and stays with Tom. Daisy manipulated Gatsby into fully trusting in their relationship and envisioning their future lives together. She took advantage of the attention Gatsby gave her, but rejects him in the end. Both women reveal how their selfishness propelled them to possess a relationship of love and attention. They manipulated and influenced the men to the point of destruction. Brett and Daisy had such control over their lovers that the moment they lost interest, they were able to easily cast Cohn and Gatsby aside and move on with their selfish, meaningless lives. Hemingway and Fitzgerald use Brett and

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