Essay The Relationship Of Amir And Baba

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The Relationship of Amir and Baba In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the main character and narrator, Amir, has a very complex relationship with his father, Baba. Amir and Baba are nothing like the typical father and son bonds that readers would expect. Amir loves Baba very much, however, throughout the book Amir feels as if he is fighting for Baba’s acceptance and affection. Although their relationship is strained for a majority of the book, there are both differences and similarities that Baba and Amir share. These differences and similarities help readers identify the theme of tension between father and son, and help the readers understand the dynamics of both characters. To start off their relationship, as a child, Amir found a love for Kite running. He loved everything about it including the competitiveness and skills it required. Just like Amir, Baba also had a love for flying kites. During kite flying tournaments Amir would always become very nervous. Nervous for himself, nervous for Hassan, but especially nervous about what Baba would think of his actions. Baba had set high expectations for Amir at a very young age. He wanted a perfect son that never did anything wrong but Amir never showed these traits. Amir explains his anxiety that set in whenever trying to please Baba, “I always felt like Baba hated me a little. And why not? After all, I had killed his beloved wife…The least I could have done was to have had the decency to have turned out a little more…

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