The Relationship Between Winston Churchill And Franklin Roosevelt

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Skyler Kropper
H Block
Due April 5th

Positive Effects of the Relationship Between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt

During World War II there were three big leaders of the world, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Two of these leaders worked very closely together, creating an unmatched personal and political friendship. These two leaders were Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain, and Franklin Roosevelt, the United States President. This relationship started in 1941 thanks to the Atlantic Charter and stayed steady until Roosevelt’s death in 1945. Their relationship was strengthened because of the pressure on international relationships during WW II. During the war the responses of FDR and Winston Churchill helped positively affect the United States, and is known as “the partnership that saved the west,” and even “a friendship that saved the world.” (GRIMSLEY) Because of this relationship the U.S and Britain were able to smoothly coexist, and created a stronger front against the axis powers. This relationship between the two countries had the positive outcome of helping the war come to an end. Because of their close contact with each other, many decisions were made together, making the outcomes positive for the globe as a whole, but did not serve the interests of individual countries as fully. While there are upsides and downsides to every relationship between separate countries, FDR and Churchill’s close contact allowed for the completion of many…

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