Essay on The Relationship Between The Church And State

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Isis Raele
Journal 2

In Spanish colonies religion played a structural role in society. The relationship between the church and state at that time was nonexistent, especially when it came to the royals of Spain. Many of the new settlers of the Latin America 's believed that it was their religious destiny to convert the indigenous people to the salvation of Christ. The natives would be gathered into small towns, and many of times these would be organized by missionaries. Within these small towns a governing system that resembles Europe’s was created, which a hierarchical system of governance. These villages functioned like any other town, they maintained well organized records of almost everything; these records are very helpful in learning the everyday life of the early Latin American societies. Due to the utterly strong relationship between the Catholic Church and the Spanish Crown, the presence of religious officials were everywhere. Eventually the natives converted to Catholicism. Although they did not fully forget their previous native doctrine, they came to accept the Catholic way of life.

After some time, convents started arising throughout the colonies; these religious institutions were very influential in the colonies for various reasons. Convents were founded and led by nuns connected to many prominent families or their towns or of spanish descent. These were places where women could find haven from the chaos occurring around them due to inquisitions, and the…

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