The Relationship Between Teamwork, Process Performance And Business Performance By Katzenbach And Smith

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Katzenbach and Smith, (1993) centered their model on 3 variables such as Accountability, Commitment, Performance Result and Skill.
Skills – Teams members are expected to possess some important skills such as inter personal, technical and functional , and problem solving skill for them to be able to perform to a reasonable level within the team, which has be considered when forming the team but they can advance their skill to the level which can help in achieving the team goal
Commitment – This means the team/ team members have to be committed to achieving the specific goal of team, they have to agree on a common approach that should be adopted by the team to tackle goal in other to meet the team expectation and this can be achieved through
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In this study team performance is the independent variable and business performance, process performance and people performance are the dependent variables. This research work will establish the relationship between teamwork and business performance, process performance and people performance in banking operation in business banking unit in Eco Bank Nigeria …show more content…
The result found that teamwork was positive and statistically significant with organizational commitment. Furthermore, Irfan and Lodhi (2015). found a positive relationship between teamwork and employee motivation. According to them, employees working as a team receive a high level of satisfaction in their jobs and that they prove themselves as assets of organization. Teamwork brings about ideas sharing, communication, motivation, encouragement and brainstorming. It enhances coordination and desire to achieve set goals Irfan and Lodhi (2015). All these attributes joined together, due to teamwork, promote business performance. In contrast, Coutu (2009) found that teams underperform despite all the extra resources they have. According the author, problems with coordination and motivation typically chip away at the benefits of collaboration. Similarly, Mba (2015) found that people do not work as hard in groups as they do individually; and that under certain circumstances, teamwork may be inappropriate, ineffective or unnecessary, because it depends upon the task selected. It means that my research has something to account for.

2.5.3 Process performance and Team Performance
Processes are viewed as the way in which work is designed, coordinated and structured to produce a valuable product or service (citation) Processes are also viewed as the unique systems

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