The Relationship Between Spirituality And Healthcare Essay

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Although the relationship between spirituality and healthcare can seem insignificant in today’s society, the relationship between these two constructs is one that is “historical, intellectual and practical” (Cobb, Puchalski, & Rumbold, 2012, p. vii). Although it can be challenging to do, it is imperative that health care providers account for the spirituality of their patients. Accounting for spirituality is important, because when we are faced with trauma, we often “turn to the most sacred, untouchable part of our humanness- to our spirituality” (Meier, O’Conner, VanKatwyk, 2005, p. 1). For many patients, spiritual health is an integral aspect of their overall health, and thus it is a dimension that must be explored and interacted with within the health care realm. Between the 1960s and today, policy changes and consumer demands have forced healthcare in the U.S. to become patient and family-centered (Johnson, 2000). As this shift has occurred, spirituality and mental health have become increasingly important in healthcare.
No matter the views of a health care provider or their organization, evidence-based methods can be infused into everyday practices as a way to care for the spiritual health of patients. This analysis will analyze this relationship between spirituality and health care before exploring the specific role that spirituality can play in caring for patients in hospice care. Various spiritual assessments, the CARE Cabinet Intervention, and the Grandfriends…

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