The Relationship Between Science And Sensory Art Essay

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Any discussion on the relationship between science and sensory art is inevitably conditioned by the specific meanings and associations that each term has come to acquire. During earlier periods in which ‘science’ meant a systematic body of knowledge constructed on rational principles, and ‘art’ referred to an activity requiring the steady acquisition of skill, the fields of science and art were not automatically regarded as the polar opposites that they have tended to become in the modern classifications of intellectual disciplines(M. Pollock). The term ‘science’ refers to the systematic investigation of natural, celestial and mathematical processes. There is substantial evidence to suggest that common techniques of illusion, most notably perspective, do correspond in a non-arbitrary way to fundamental processes in human perception, but this correspondence cannot be taken to mean that illusionistic representation has a higher value than other forms of art that respond to different functions and needs. There are four main ways of approaching the relation of science and art, three primarily historical, the fourth pertaining more to philosophy, aesthetics and psychology. These four ways should not be seen as separate fields, but rather as complementary. The first is to study how scientific knowledge has affected the theory and practice of art. The classic model is used to examine the ideas of an artist or group of artists to see how scientific knowledge was adopted or adapted…

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