Essay on The Relationship Between Religion And Moral Issues

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It is not a surprised that religion is related to people’s attitude on a host of morality and related issues. Usually, religious people are more conservative in their attitudes. Those people who are more religious show more opposition to abortion, divorce, pornography, contraception, premarital sexuality, homosexuality, feminism, euthanasia, nudity in advertisement, suicide, heavy metal, rap music, and women going that go topless Highly religious individuals are also more likely to support marriage, capital punishment, vengeance, traditional sex roles, conservative political parties, more severe criminal sentences and censorship of sex and violence in mass media. Nevertheless, it should be noticed that the relationship between religion and moral issues does not stay constant. For example, in a survey to the Seventh-day Adventist, 70% of a sample endorsed their church prohibition of premarital sex, but 54% of the same sample reported that they had engaged in premarital sex. Even though associations between faith and moral attitude are informative, they do not always accurately predict how religion will relate to moral behavior. There are different types of moral attitudes and behaviors. Honesty and cheating: Research suggests that academic dishonesty in high school and universities is very common even among religious college students. It has been seen that 92% of religious college students say that it was morally wrong to cheat. However, 87% of them agreed with cheating if…

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