The Relationship Between Reading And Writing, And The Functions Of Writing

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As a future teacher I had my mindset of changing the lives of countless students. As students pass through my classroom they will learn to use language in many ways and apply this knowledge in many areas of life. The manipulation of language is a skill that has to be developed over time. Students write in every subject, with that said, writing should be the skill they constantly develop. Writing is a powerful instrument in which a writer imagines the audience, sets goals, call upon others to prove a point, draft and revise the text. Teachers of writing should know about the nature of the composing process, the relationship between reading and writing, and the functions of writing. Teachers set the tone of the classroom with the work she/he provides. Most teachers are trained to teach English by studying a finished product (Murray 3). Naturally, one takes their training and use it on those he or she begins to teach. Reading does not appeal to more than one modality. Sure it you read out loud it is auditory as well as visual but all students cannot learn from reading. Students learn to write by writing. There must be stimulation in other areas as well. Suzanne Miller and Mary McVee use the term "contact activity"(Miller and McVee 151)to describe how students benefit from multimodal assignments which involve more than one sensory mode. Learning using more than one sensory mode provides more stimulation and increases their chances of remembrance. Students learn differently,…

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