The Relationship Between Prospero And Miranda In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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The relationship between Prospero and Miranda is undoubtedly a strong one Prospero does however have strict control over several aspects of Miranda’s life, especially regarding aspect that are sexually related. The Tempest includes several events and encounters that might affect relationships that exist in the play, but there is one particular question regarding the one between Prospero and Miranda which is going to be explored in this analysis. The question that will be answered is how does Prospero’s relationship with Miranda changes during the course of the play? The play’s protagonist, and father of Miranda. Twelve years before the events of the play, Prospero was the duke of Milan. His brother, Antonio, in concert with Alonso, king of …show more content…
But it is these feelings that changes the most during the play and this affects their relationship quite drastically. The turnpoint if their relationship is really when Miranda meets Ferdinand for the first time. She uses words like natural, divine and noble which really shows how fond Miranda is of Ferdinand and he uses words like goddess which shows that the feelings are mutual. As mentioned earlier Prospero wants wants control over Miranda because he thinks he is protecting her. He does not like how they speak to each other and firmly asks Ferdinand for a word as he feels he had done himself wrong. Miranda does not like the forceful nature of his request to the man she loves. She does not show her anger but because she is afraid but she does show that she is upset. What Miranda does not know is that he is just testing them to see if their love is as true as they make it seem. Miranda might despise Prospero because of what he does to Ferdinand which does change their relationship, She might not feel the same sense of admiration but prospero is acting with the desire to help his beloved daughter. It is the way her perception of her father changes that affects their relationship negatively but Prospero can not tell her about his intentions. Like mentioned earlier It is rather apparent that he is protective of his daughter. He is the only man in her life and now that Ferdinand has arrived on the island he is determining whether he is capable of performing his duties.

I this essay I have discussed the nature of the relationship between Miranda and Prospero and how it changes during the course of the play. I have also gone into depth about the way their relationship changes and I have used lines from the play to support my

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