The Relationship Between Periodontitis And Mild And Of Pregnant Women

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Purpose: To point out the possible relationship between Periodontitis and Mild and Preeclampsia in pregnant women and to correlate this to association to clinical and recommended periodontal considerations.

Keywords: Periodontitis; Periodontal; Preeclampsia; Gingivitis

Relationship between Periodontitis and Mild and Severe Pre-eclampsia in Pregnant Women
For a long time, maternal health has been identified as a critical determinant in trimming down the potential risks and complications related to pregnancy such as preeclampsia and preterm births. Low birth weights (LBW) along with preterm delivery are regarded as the most appropriate natural determinants of infant survival in all developed as well as developing nations. The possible oral changes that take place during pregnancy have been an area of interest for decades. Physiological adjustments during pregnancy can have severe affects on the oral health of a pregnant woman. Increase in progesterone and estrogen enhances the provocative responses and as a result affects the gingival tissues. All through the pregnancy, the occurrence Periodontitis and gingivitis increase which can lead to preeclampsia, causing most expectant women experience bleeding as well as spongy gums (Anil et al., 2015). The purpose of this research is point out the correlation between Periodontitis, mild and severe preeclampsia in expectant women across the globe.
Materials and Methods The following research is…

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