The Relationship Between Pedometers And Student Motivation For Physical Activity

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This study examined the relationship between pedometers and student motivation for physical activity. The research question is: Does the use of pedometers increase student motivation for physical activity amongst 4th grade students? It is hypothesized that the use of pedometers increases student motivation for physical activity amongst 4th grade students.

Methodology This quasi-experimental study examined if the use of pedometers can increase student motivation for physical activity amongst fourth grade students. The study included two intact fourth grade classes; each class participated in the physical education class twice a week for a duration of six-weeks. The researcher assigned each class to an experimental group and a control group. Participants in the experimental group received an unsealed pedometer and pedometer step-count goals. Participants in the control group received a sealed pedometer and did not receive pedometer step-count goals. Each group received a pre-test and posttest of the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) test, developed by (Leger, Mercier, Gadoury, & Lambert, 1988) and completed the Situational Motivation Scale (Guay, Vallerand, & Blanchard, 2000). The control group and experimental group participated in the same physical education activities such as; team sports, cooperative, tag and dodging games during a 45-minute period. The study used two intact fourth grade classes assigned to either the experimental group or the…

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