End Our Love Affair With Cheap Fashion Analysis

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One of the greatest arguments in philosophy has been the debate on the degree of influence that nature has on the growth and development of human beings. By looking at the interactions of the environment and the human being that live within, one is able to examine the type relationship in place between nature and the creatures of the world. One would say that the environment’s role is that of a provider which includes its different facets of air, water and earth with humanity as the dependent one. However, complexity arrives as the ever growing population exceeds the limited resources available in the environment. In addition, the mentality of self-interest within humanity contradicts with the balanced distribution of resources. In the essay, Tragedy of the …show more content…
The culture of fast fashion encourages consumers’ disposal of clothing prior to use for a few times in favor of up-to-date cheap clothing. These “McFashion” clothing lines tend to go out of style within a matter of months which ends into a constantly changing cycle. In an article, “Why It’s Time To End Our Love Affair with Cheap Fashion”, author Lucy Siegle states that it is time to change the behavior in which we buy mainly because the damaging effects of our over consumption are becoming increasingly noticeable in our landfills and charitable work forces as they have ever growing mound of tat to flog to consumers. In addition, poor quality fabrics and the disposable nature lead to the over growing carbon footprint of 3 million tons of emissions (105-106). People tend to buy clothes as soon as they are introduced to the market for grandeur and social commendation. Various manufacturers convince us to buy the freshest line of clothing for society’s approval. However, we should ask ourselves first if these so called new yet poor quality products are worth the continued destruction of our

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