The Relationship Between Mental Illness And Addiction Essay examples

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The workplace is often viewed as one of the environments that is meant to promote admirable co-existence with individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, the recent times have seen places of work being transformed into areas where members of staff are often diagnosed with one disorder or the other. This is often blamed with the work pressure as well as unrealistic demands of completing delegated tasks and assignments. Mental illnesses are quite common in the workplace and are frequently linked to the use of prohibited substances such as drugs or alcohol. The decline in productivity at the various places of employment can be linked to either mental instability or the abuse of various substances. Mental illnesses impair one’s judgment, such that they are unable to think or reason properly. Consequently, such people cannot relate to others properly and neither can they perform their duties diligently. This paper is an annotated bibliography that provides a brief summary of research articles that discuss about the relationship between mental illness and addiction in the workplace.
Chosen Topic for Literature Review: Mental Illness and Addiction in the Workplace

Annotated Bibliographies

Peters, H., & Brown, T. C. (2009). Mental Illness at Work: An Assessment of Co-worker Reactions. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences), 26 (1), 38-53. doi:10.1002/CJAS.87
The authors of this paper conducted a study to investigate the…

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