The Relationship Between Men And Women In The Storm By Kate Chopin

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In the early 19th century, marriages were considered the best of time. Men and women get together and create this so called happy marriage and happy family. The husband goes to work, leaving the wife home with the children. The wife depends on the husband for the economic supports to pay the bills and take care of general home chores. During this time, society view men as the strong one who have economic power while woman provides the nurturing care that they need to support their men. Once that relationship is built, no woman is to question their man ability but just nurture and support them. Even though both man and woman, having a separate role apart, they are incomplete without each other, making them need each other. Once married, society …show more content…
The biggest one is the sexual desire and the feelings for each other. If men had a misgivings, it is passed by as okay but if a woman had a misgivings, she will end up doing whatever it take to become back the perfect wife in the society eyes. Usually, women feel desire through other men base on that left over feeling their own husband is not completing. In the story, “The Storm”, by Kate Chopin, Calixta weren’t worried about her son and husband who were left stranded at the store during the storm. Although alone, Alcee were found during the storm where Calixta let him in the house who is a close friend. Women would have a close childhood friend or someone she used to hang with that she still have desire for since it is uncomplete by her husband. While alone with Calixta, it “had aroused all his old-time infatuation and desire for her flesh.” (Chopin, 3) This personal desire within these two begins to grow especially with the storm as the setting which enhance the romance. They had kissed, not minding the “crashing torrent” and this had created a deep dark secret between these two. After the storm passing, Alcee left and Calixta watched him and smiled and “laughed out loud.”(Chopin, 3) Bobinot and Bibi, the husband and the son came back home and Calixta pretends as that nothing had happened between her and Alcee. Alcee wrote a letter to his wife, telling her “not to hurry back… to stay a month longer.” Women tend to lose focus on who should give her personal sexual desire. If her husband doesn’t do that, chances is that she will lose it with

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