The Relationship Between Leadership And Management

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Undergraduate Program Assessment Questions

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Please answer the following questions in two to three sentences.

1. Define the term leadership.

The term leadership means empowerment, motivation and inspiration.

2. Explain how leadership is a process.

Leadership is a process, it takes time for one person to have some type of an effect over a group that is willing to not only complete a goal, but to succeed by any means.

3. Explain the relationship between leadership and management.

The relationship between leadership and management could be described as a close bond because in order for an individual to manage something or someone they would need to acquire leadership skills.

4. What are the
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What is considered the most difficult organizational aspect to change?

Evolutionary organizational is the most difficult aspect to change since it’s less reversible.

12. Discuss attributes or competencies needed by successful 21st century leaders.

For the 21st century the attributes or the competencies that leaders need to have are self-awareness so they can understand their own strengths and weakness, leaders should also know how to make great decisions.

13. What traits or activities characterize boundary-crossing leaders?

The traits a person needs to have to be a great boundary crossing- leaders are being able to listen to others, being ready to lead, and the ability to build other relationships.

14. What are the five dynamics or characteristics of teamwork and collaboration?

The five dynamics or characteristics of teamwork and collaboration are respect, good communication, honesty, positive attitude and being able to share common goals.

15. What are the characteristics of team excellence?

Some characteristics of team excellence are communication, great problem solving, and equal goals.

16. How does globalization affect the practice of leadership

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