The Relationship Between Image And Identity Essay

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In Liz’s essay of Introduction, she introduces and discussed the ideas of the relationship between image and identity in the term of photography generally, but more specifically, domestic photography. This introduction is connected to Bell Hooks and Sally Mann’s photographs, image and identity and the language in the photographs are performing as a mediating role that built a bridge between experiences and the questioning of a feeling inside of a viewer.
In Our Glory: I found the most enlightening and meaningful point in Bell Hooks’ essay. She stated, “The image can give back and take away, it can bind.” She refers an image as her inspiration with a sense of security, worthiness, and empowerment. She also discusses her feelings towards her relationship with the image of her father while she explores an image of her father and described how she feel attracted to it. She also discusses how an image of her father has strongly spoken to her and how an image of their father can be special to each of her sisters, based on their relationships. It stood out to me because it is related to the memories and the photos of my relationship with my dad when he was younger and I was kids as we were doing more fun things, including my brother. With my relationship with my dad, we were bonded strongly as we always spend time together, joke around with each other, and watch shows together now. It is very amusing that looking at the photos of the father and a memories of any relationship…

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