The Relationship Between Housing And Wealth Essay examples

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The relationship between housing and wealth has allowed heritage of racial inequality remain to this day by making black families persist on a lower economical level even though they posses the same income as white families. The government plays an important role on these two variables with occurrences such as the 1910 immigrants situation, 1920 alien land acts forbidding non whites the ownership of land, 1930 federal housing administration, Roosevelt’s New Deal, “urban renewal”, Fair Housing Act on 1968 and 50s to 60s house market growth, among others. Owning a house in the suburbs became a new social definition for whiteness; and racial instability has been the result of the government’s slow transition to social equality.
On the 1910s immigrants were the ones in America running the factories and mines. They came to the United States to establish in a society that already had a history of racial inequality towards blacks and minorities. The terminology of the melting pot was believed to accept all groups of people, while in reality it only included whites, excluding people of color. Race was a national identity and courts determined who was white or black under the law. The key to citizenship was whiteness. It was a social and political construct because each state had different laws; therefore you could pass state lines and literally be another race. There was a Japanese man that struggled to get his citizenship and he exposed the fact he was white and race should not…

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