The Relationship Between Homeless Youth And Sex For Survival Essays

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The Relationship Between Homeless Youth and Sex for Survival Each year in the United States over one million youth under the age of 18 are homeless (Warf, et al., 2013). There are many factors that may contribute to a young person becoming homeless such as disagreements with parents or step-parents, pregnancy, sexual orientation, school performance, substance abuse, and physical or sexual abuse occurring in the home (Warf, et al., 2013). No matter what led the youth to homelessness, they face many challenges. They are forced to survive without the support of their family and also lack education and necessary job skills. These youths then try strategies such as panhandling, shoplifting, stealing, selling drugs, or survival sex to obtain what they need to survive (Warf, et al., 2013).
Walls and Bell (2010), state that homeless youth typically engage in survival sex as a last resort because they have few ways to support themselves while living on the streets, and it still appears to be prevalent in homeless youth. Unfortunately, for some of these young adults, survival sex has consequences such as, sexual victimization, contracting sexually transmitted diseases, becoming pregnant, and mental health concerns like suicide attempts (Tyler, 2007).
It is unknown exactly how many youths participate in survival sex, as estimates range from 10% to 50% (Greene, et al., 1999). This variation occurs because of different sampling strategies, age, and the definition “survival…

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