The Relationship Between Holmes And Watson 's Relationship Essay

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Relationship of Holmes and Watson The relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson has intrigued many hearts for years. This long-lasting friendship began with A Study in Scarlet in 1887 and has been retold and reshaped by new generations that came after. Holmes’ and Watson’s relationship started as a true friendship that grew one another and was made to modern day Something to consider when thinking of Holmes’ and Watson’s relationship is the adaptation of the original texts this is because as time progressed and people like Doyle decided to retell the story of Sherlock Holmes they used the adaptation theory. The adaptation theory is used to study original text or films. Thomas Leitch says that the adaptation theory is, “one of the older areas in film study” (Leitch 1). The adaptation theory that is used by Leitch is Victorian, which “… restores the sense of nineteenth-century culture as a repository of strategies for making sense of the world for both the Victorians who lived in it and the modern students who labor to understand it” (Bloom and Pallock 17). In some ways adaptations reflect the society they were created in. The fundamentals are usually dependent on the culture and society they were created into determine whether they are changed, emphasized, or rejected all together. Just like the original texts or films showcase their own society and culture at the time they are made the use of Victorian allows the more modern texts or films to showcase their…

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