The Relationship Between Group Perception Of School Climate And Incidences Of Bullying At The Junior High / Middle School Level

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Douglass, K. R. (2009). A study of the relationship between group perception of school climate and incidences of bullying at the junior high/middle school level (Order No. 3357575). Available from ProQuest Central; ProQuest Education Journals. (304917098).

In this article the author discuss the effects bulling has on the victims and their educational achievement. Frequently, the students who are bullied often tend to have a disability and handicap. Bullies make victims feel insecure and unprotected when there on campus. This causes the victim to withdrawn and lose focus on his or her school work. The studied surveyed over two hundred educators, student and parents from five different schools from a state located in the upper northwest corner of the United States. Researchers compared school culture and climate with discipline referrals involving bullying.
Researchers determined concluded that the school climate cannot be used to predict whether a school has an issue with bullying. This study determined that staff, student and parent perception of a healthy school climate can make the claim that the school has a low number of bulling issues. “However, the data does suggest that the perceptions among all teachers/specialists, 7th -grade students, and their parents offer valuable information that educators, administration, and teachers can use to further address bullying issues in their schools…

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