The Relationship Between Curricular Activities And The Graduate Labour Market

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In nowadays’ developing business environment, employment has become a challenging task for newly graduates, mainly due to the increasing competition in the UK graduate labour market (High Fliers, 2015). With the purpose to distinguish themselves from others and to increase their employment opportunities, many students engage in extra-curricular activities while still studying at university, considering that such activities will give them a leap ahead in the labour market (Roulin and Bangerter, 2013). This essay aims to investigate the direct relationship between extra-curricular activities and the graduate labour market by analyzing the extent to which such activities influence graduates’ employment opportunities. Firstly, an analysis of the current graduate labour market will be provided in order to emphasize the importance that extra-curricular activities have in distinguishing students’ learning experiences. Further, two types of extra-curricular activities will be analyzed in order to understand the impacts that they have in relation to employment opportunities for business graduates. Finally, a conclusive paragraph will summarize the importance and impart of extra-curricular activities in today’s graduate labour market.

Since the 2008 recession, the UK has experienced an economic growth especially in the service industry sector, now even greater than in the pre-recession years (, 2015). This growth was accompanied with an increased vacancy of jobs- in the…

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