The Relationship Between Authority And School, Giroux And Maclaren

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Speaking in general about the relationship between authority and school, Giroux and MacLaren (1986) put it in this way: “Authority is inescapably related to a particular vision of what schools should be” (p. 224). Voices for liberal education and egalitarianism have led to the collapse of teacher authority. Neither the conceptualisation of “teacher as an authority” nor reconceptualisation of “teacher in authority” can ensure the equality of intelligence between the teacher and students. Neill (1995) articulates that in order to promote students’ freedom, we should reject any type of authority in education. However, from my point of view, this tends to end abruptly with a rush conclusion, since the authority of subject matter should not be demolished. The only way to remove the gap in intelligence is to treat the teacher as being under the authority of the subject matter, which means to abandon teacher authority and regard the subject matter as an unchallenged classroom authority. The point here is that students can enjoy the “freedom from absolute” (Schofield, 1972). Once the teacher is positioned as being under authority, his or her right to make absolute commands along with the authoritative status to offer absolute explanation no longer exist. Once teacher authority is abandoned, the authority of the subject matter becomes tangible.
It is absurd to consider a person who transmits the knowledge as authority rather than the knowledge itself as…

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