Essay about The Relations Between Africa And The European Colonies

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There is a great relationship between geography and history, because over the course of time both of these sciences have greatly affected each other, the geographical characteristics of certain regions have had a great affect on the development of certain regions and the underdevelopment of others. Developed historical regions such as Europe have been greatly aided by their Geography, for example its close proximity to the seas even its landlocked countries gave it maximum potential for contact with other regions and allowed boats and ships to transport goods and people to far away areas. This geographical advantage allowed for Europe to colonize many areas especially Africa. In 1884 the Berlin conference was held to divide Africa between european states, however this conference didn 't take into consideration the indigenous cultures living throughout Africa. The relations between Africa and the European colonies varied greatly because the different colonies had different policies. For example, Great Britain had an ‘indirect rule’ which meant that indigenous power structures were left in place to a certain degree and the rulers were made representatives of the crown, this reduced conflict between the colony and the indigenous people as they still had a certain degree of freedom; France took an ‘assimilationist’ approach which enforced french law and rules upon its countries propagating French culture, language, education and dress throughout its regions; Portugal had an ‘…

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