The Relation Of Family Centered Care Essay

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amily Centered Care
The words children and hospitals are not usually associated together, however when they are it usually insinuates a stressful and difficulty time for families. Family centered care is a critical aspect in which the health care team collaborates with families in order to provide safe, competent care (Stuart & Melling, 2014). Despite not providing an actual clinical situation, this paper will offer its discussion with a given clinical scenario. I will examine the relation of family centered care and how it relates to the clinical scenario, as well as reflect on my actions, if I was in the position of the student nurse. During the process of writing this scholarly paper, I hope to learn the importance of family centered care, especially how each of the four core concepts applies to the pediatric setting and in my scenario discussed within this paper. I chose family centered care because I believe the family can be the main source of support for the patient, in addition to being primary caregiver and advocator for the child whilst in the hospital setting. Schlucter (2014), states it is essential to include the family within the child’s care, as they are an important source of knowledge regarding the patient, that would otherwise may be unknown to care providers. As health care providers, utilizing best practice in conjunction with the knowledge and support the family provides, delivers the patient with the best outcome and smoother process during their…

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