The Rejection Of Society And Her Own Family Essay

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Similarly, Blanche tried to adapt to society, but was faced with the rejection of society and her own family. Blanche DuBois travels to New Orleans to live with her sister, to run away from all the rumours and her past life back in Laurel. One night, Blanche questions Stella by asking and admitting, “Stella! What have you heard about me?... You haven’t heard any unkind gossip about me?... Honey, there was a good deal of talk in Laurel” (Williams 78).” Due to the fact that Blanche brought up this question, proves that there is something that she is hiding, and she is not as innocent as she acts. Nevertheless, Blanche’s societal rejection did not only occur after she lived with her sister, but also in her past community. After the death of her husband, Allen Gray, she slowly began to lose her sanity and began to idealize youth and marriage. Blanche was so blinded by society and by attaining the American dream, which resulted in the loss of her morals. Vivaciously, Stanley recounts how Blanche earned a popular reputation after taking up residence at the Flamingo Hotel. The hotel then asked her to leave, due to immoral behaviour which was unacceptable by the standards of the agreement. The author stated, “A town character. Regarded as not just different but downright loco-nuts” (Williams 100). Her home was then declared off limits for soldiers at a nearby base. Lastly, Blanche was fired after having an affair with her seventeen year old student. Stanley also mentions during his…

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